Maxguard Home Alarm Systems

At Maxguard Alarms, we recognize that your business has to be protected from the threats of attack, theft, and vandalism. Whether your business is large or small, Maxguard Alarms has a multitude of options to guard it. A perimeter security system is a viable option for any business. This system can be added to the exterior of your business, even along fencing to detect any intrusions. It can also relay the exact point of intrusion, allowing you to contact the authorities if needed. When fencing isn’t available, external beam systems can create an invisible barrier. Once crossed, the Maxguard alarm system will alert you to the location of the intrusion.

Business alarm systems are expertly installed by a Maxguard Alarms professional, and can be hard-wired or wireless. Systems can include wireless key fobs that give you control over your business alarm system from the palm of your hand.