Interactive Touch Pad

The Maxguard Alarms interactive touch pad is your mobile command post when you’re in your home or business. The touch pad is sleek and light weight. It is completely portable, and allows you to control your alarm system from the palm of your hand.

The interactive touch pad creates an added level of security by allowing you to access and control all of the features of your alarm system from anywhere in your home or office. No longer do you have to open the door to a stranger, wondering who it might be. The Maxguard Alarms interactive touch pad allows you to access your alarm system’s camera feeds and see who’s at the door without opening it. You can also arm or disarm your system from the touch pad, and control your lights and thermostat without even having to leave your chair.

Maxguard Alarms interactive touch pad connects to allow you to access weather, traffic, news, and more. You can even upload your photos and display your Maxguard Alarms interactive touch pad anywhere in your home as a beautiful, digital frame.

All of the Maxguard Alarms Interactive Touch Pad Features:

  • • Flawless Digital Touch Screen
  • • Lightweight and portable
  • • Control your thermostat and lights
  • • Access your alarm system’s cameras
  • • View your front door without opening it
  • • Check weather, news, sports, and traffic from your convenient touch pad
  • • Turn your alarm system on or off
  • • Upload photos for display
  • • Easy to use
  • • Functional for the whole family